One of the main goals of Spin Students’ Table Tennis Club is to promote recreational table tennis (also referred to as ping pong) among students, youth but also seniors alike. Other than that, if you are just visiting, would like to meet the locals and have some fun while playing table tennis, feel free to stop by, no strains attached! 😉

The club was founded by a group of friends who started playing recreational table tennis once a week in a garage. We started out small, with just one improvised table tennis table and a lot of good will. After a while, the group got bigger, and the garage became too small, so we decided to register a club and start organizing regular table tennis sessions for students and other youth in a more appropriate room.
Now, our club has more than 50 active members that play recreational table tennis 2-3 times a week on 9 table tennis tables. We also plan to start a school of table tennis for kids, that would promote recreational sports and leisure activity as a whole and hopefully produce professional competitors in the future.

Our club is also socially conscious, especially towards poor community members, so we offer the cheapest leisure activity in town, for just 15 BAM a month (app. 7.5 Euros) for students, whereas the extremely poor members are exempt of any kind of membership fee. The payment is made for the current month during one of the meetings. The money collected is used to purchase new and repair the existing table tennis equipment.

Meeting times for playing table tennis are at the Zmaj Jova Jovanović elementary school:

  • Tuesdays 20:00-22:00
  • Thursdays 20:00-22:00
  • Sundays 18:00-21:00

There is also a possibility of booking a private table tennis session. For more details, feel free to contact us.

If you want to become a member, you just need to fill out this online form.

The school is approximately located at +44° 45′ 45.32″N, +17° 10′ 50.47″E (red marker on the map).

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Spin Students’ Table Tennis Club
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78000 Banja Luka,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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